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Calling all floral print addicts! Has your retail therapy has proven to be 100% guilty, as your eyes  cannot help but gravitates towards the realm of all things pretty and floral? You are not alone, and your style obsession is completely justified of course. Believe it or not, floral print is a sartorial creature of versatility. When adorned with the right pieces, your favorite floral skirt can smoothly transition from event to event. Whether you’re ringing in a formal occasion or would rather go casual Saturday cool, there is a perfect option for every moment. Time to venture into this garden and learn how to rock your floral prints, Aurium-style.

OUTFIT 1: Blue Crush

Tip: Pair like colors with your floral print. Feeling the happy blues in your fashion do? Keep up the color scheme with matching pumps for the smart casual vibe. A satchel will seamlessly morph your look into an appropriate post-work ensemble while a black peplum skirt will flatter your figure. Say yes to the floral and peplum combo!

Tip: Mix pops of colors and patterns with your floral print. Give a style tribute to Andy Warhol and his pop-art confections by dashing in unexpected colors. Your floral skirt will no longer be the only belle of the ball, as the rest of your outfit will be striking up a masterpiece too. Stripes often pair well with floral prints, putting a unique spin on your classic plain tee.


OUTFIT 3: Femme Fatale

TipGo all-white with your floral print. Step one to achieving this sleek uniform of sophistication is a patterned cropped white top. Switch up the palette by then adding metallic essences, and of course, do not forget your finishing touch: a snakeskin clutch. The overall concoction is an outfit that is not only delicate and feminine, but bold and eye-catching. 

Femme Fatale : Floral Seduction Asymmetric Skirt

OUTFIT 4: Text Game

Tip: Opt for different textures to compliment your floral print. We’re talking all of the works too; think leather, lasercuts, denim, you name it. For a safe and timeless choice, a black leather jacket perfectly captures the rebellious elegance of your flowery garb. Take your texture mission to the next level with a lilac stone clutch. By the end, you’ll be crowned the textile queen.