The ‘90s are back, and this time they’re hitting the fashion scene in the form of the slip dress. This nightwear-to-daywear trend is being reinvented in 2014, and even though the style is often simple, silky, and slinky, it doesn’t have to look like lingerie. Here are some ways to make sure that you can go out in your slip dress without looking like you just forgot to change out of your nightie.

     Blog - 90's Comeback: The Slip Dress

    Play with colors and patterns

    Brighter hues and bold prints will amp up your slip dress and keep it away from the bedroom look. Try a neon color or a big floral pattern for a look that’s ‘90s inspired and able to be worn outside.

    Play with fabrics

      Another way to stay away from the lingerie appearance is to shy away from the thin, satiny fabrics that are often worn under the covers. Look for thicker, less sheer or shiny fabrics to take your slip dress to the streets.

      Play with length

        If you want to avoid a confrontation like Cher did in “Clueless” when her dad asked her what she was wearing, go longer. The slip dress is all about the style, not necessarily the length. They come in all different lengths, so look around and find the one that’s right for you.

        Cover it up a little

          Another method to avoid having your ensemble look like sexy, revealing pajamas is to put something on top. Pair your dress with a comfy cardigan, an edgy leather jacket, or a pretty kimono or shawl. You’ve got lots of possibilities, and wearing the dress with different outer pieces can give you lots of new looks.


            You wouldn’t wear a chunky necklace or an oversized sunhat or a bright pair of high heels in the bedroom, so dress up your dress with some accessories. Just like a jacket or sweater, wearing different accessories can give a simple slip dress a new look. Try pairing it with some staple ‘90s pieces like choker necklaces or clog-style shoes, or mix it up with some other modern trends. It’s up to you!

            So go ahead and slip into this year’s throwback trend, the slip dress. It’s simple, chic, and oh-so-versatile. And by finding the right style for you and accessorizing however you choose, you can make this dress more than a lingerie statement and hit the town in your new look!